If you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, you have probably come across quite a bit of contradicting information. Contradictions were especially common for breast augmentation. Many people find this information overwhelming and confusing, and often change their mind about the procedure without ever finding out the true facts. In your search for the best breast augmentation surgical services, you must consider and research all the available information. It is highly recommended that you should only rely on the information given by your plastic surgeon. In this article, we will finally differentiate some common cosmetic surgery myths from the facts. This information will serve as a guide if you wanted to undergo breast enhancement surgery in Ohio.

Unproven Assumptions about Implant Safety Issues

Every medical procedure is in some way invasive therefore it certainly has some types of possible side effects. Many people tend to exaggerate the extent of certain side effects, particularly when it comes to breast augmentation procedures. However, reports of silicone gel leaking from implants and spreading through the body are nothing else than anecdotes based on unproven assumptions. Before early 1990's, there weren’t systematic studies that researched the safety of these implants, therefore, people were easily swayed by layman’s opinions and anecdotal reports. The negative perception created by such false reports may have been further implemented in the society by the restrictions imposed on breast implants by regulatory authorities. Since the regulators have restricted their supply, the act has lead the public to believing those implants are certainly bad for women’s health. However, at a time, those restrictions were not based on verified studies on the implants' safety, but rather on a need to preserve a conservative system of values and fear of the possibility that we are now able to shape the human appearance.

Today, breast augmentation is proven to be an entirely safe procedure.  If you are from Beachwood and you are interested in getting breast implants, by contacting the best Beachwood Plastic Surgery specialists you can clarify any doubts you might have at a free consultation.

One of the assumptions was that silicon leakage contributes to an increase in systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma. However, proper research was carried out, and it is now proven that silicone implants can’t be responsible for connective tissue disorders. In a case of silicon diffusion through the body, many women were also concerned about problems such as capsular contracture around implants. After any cosmetic procedure, you must regularly visit your plastic surgery specialist. Every issue can be timely prevented if you take proper care and listen to your doctor. Beachwood Plastic Surgery specialists will make sure your breast enhancement procedure goes well and ensure you don’t experience any complications. 


It is very important to mention that cancer is also ruled as a concern in the adoption of silicone implants. The complications that can actually arise due to the use of implants are much less harmful and often occur if they are left to stay for too long without any replacement. Implants age over time should be replaced within the ten years of the original surgery. If you don’t replace them, at such point, you can experience capsular contracture. Capsular contracture will require corrective surgery to replace your implant.